Our Story:

Dr. Harrasi educational institution has been inaugurated by Dr. Keivan Harrasi in 2016 with the official authorization of Ministry of Education. The founder, Dr. Harrasi, is a Ph.D graduate in the field of World Language and Literature. Following18 years of experience in managing and teaching various language courses, he founded this school intending a presentation of novel approaches in the domain of instructing foreign languages for children, teens and adults. We are pleased to assert that the colleagues and the teachers of this institute are among the most dedicated and professional personnel in this field who are devoted to their educational ideals. The institute directs English, German, French, Turkish, Russian language courses in a great excellence for a wide range of learners between the ages of 3 to 85. By the means of the efforts of our education, planning and psychology teams, we are constantly working hand in hand with our language learners to evaluate, upgrade and develop our informative criteria.

Why with Us:

– Based on the years of experience that the personnel have attained in their professional lives, the challenges that language learners might face are tangible and comprehensible for us.

– We present a peaceful educational atmosphere.

– We utilize the most practical and up-to-date sources for teaching.

– This is a pioneer institute in presenting and managing high quality online courses simulating regular classes for language learners around the World.

– We offer personalized courses for the language learners around the world with the motto: learn what you want, where you want, when you want

– A great number of our students achieve high scores in valid international exams.

– We provide and supply a sophisticated modified and personalized consulting, formulating and psychologically supporting programs for both regular classes and online courses.

– A professional translation team can accompany you for different professional fields. Also, we do offer online services in this field.


– Workshops:

The educational and professional workshops in Dr.Harrasi institute are held in diverse fields of language teaching. We hold workshops discussing teacher training courses, the skills needed for international exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE as well as skills needed for Translation.

– Dr. Harrasi offers translation services for different enterprises and their pertinent documents.

– Consulting and Education Planning Team at Dr. Harrasi Institute offers personalized services for language learners of both online and regular classes. This service has been designed in order to nurture the efficiency of the teaching materials as well as reducing stress level of our language learners.

– Online Support Team at Dr. Harrasi language school supports each language learners in downloading, installing and running the needed applications.


English Language Courses:


Commencing from elementary level, Intensive IELTS course focuses on the required linguistic abilities for communication purposes and at the end of the course our language learners are able to achieve a high score in the international IELTS exams due to the techniques provided though the second half of the module. This course starts from basic level and lasts for a year. During this course, not only are the communication skills taught and practiced but also the necessary techniques are presented for achieving golden scores in the exam.

Intensive English

This course commences from elementary level and continues until upper intermediate level. This course lasts eight months and after the end of this course you are able to speak in English in upper intermediate level. During this course all the skills of speaking, listening, grammar and writing are instructed.